All About 608-608

Keighley 608-608 have invested in the latest technology to bring our customers a new unrivalled level of service.

Data communication is a method of digitally condensing written information and sending it via a GPRS signal to an in-car display screen. The transfer of information is totally accurate, and takes less than a second. This means that job information can be handed out rapidly, and without any errors meaning the driver will know exactly where he is going and who he is picking up.

If you are using us for the first time, our database holds full details of addresses in our area. This increases the accuracy of the booking and provides the driver with full address details including postcodes.

If you have used us before, our system will recognise your phone number and will automatically enter your details. This reduces errors meaning your taxi turns up on time every time.

Jobs are automatically allocated to drivers. It takes less than a second from accepting your booking for the job to have been sent to the driver. Previously, your booking may be waiting for several minutes to be given to a driver or it may have been given to a driver who was several miles away. Our taxis are fitted with GPS (global positioning satellite) technology. This sends the closest vehicle, further reducing waiting times.

Old radio dispatch systems can be overheard, anyone with suitable receiving equipment can listen in and passengers in other taxis can hear when you are going out. Keighley 608-608 taxis data system is secure. The signals that are sent to the vehicles are digital, encrypyed and cannot be intercepted.

Keighley 608-608 data system comes complete with integrated Satellite Navigation. In the event that a driver does not know where an address is, one button press on his Mobile Data Unit will activate the Sat-Nav and guide him to your location.